Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Tale of Fatty Catty

Author: Jan Krystkowiak

Illustrator: Kimberly Schwede

Appropriate Age: 2-4

About the Author:

Jan Krystkowiak loves being a mom. Her five children and NBA player husband are the inspiration behind her books. When not working at her Direct Marketing business, Jan writes personalized books. Families provide the artwork and information and then the children reap the benefits of books that are tailored to be about them. All of Jan's proceeds from this endeavor goes back to charity.

About the Book:

In this simple tale, readers are introduced to three brothers who like to go fishing and make up "big fish" stories. Their story about Fatty Catty is of a catfish with three eyes, rainbow colored fins and ghoulish features. However, the rhythmic rhymes make this a story young children will enjoy again and again, gently propelling from one page to the next. It is similar to a simple Seuss book that makes children laugh and want to read it again and again.

Why Little Aristotle's Library Loves it:

All of Krystkowiak's books are helpful as early reader books. First of all, and most important, they are fun to read. This means that your children will want to read them again and again. The purpose of re-reading books functions as a way to build a child's vocabulary, comprehension and joy of reading. This message is reiterated on the author's website. When children receive one of Krystkowiak's personalized books, they recognize their connection to the literacy world; thus, inspiring more reading!

Also, the very simple images created by Kimberly Schwede are reminiscent of Dr. Seuss as well. Basic shapes and colors are great for stimulating early minds. They are relatable for children as well since they are similar to drawing 8-10 year olds might sketch out.

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Currently, Krystkowiak has two books in print that can be found on Her other children's book is called "I Don't Want to Move." Her personalized books can be created and ordered on

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