Sunday, January 25, 2009

Meeting the author of Albino Animals

Author: Kelly Milner Halls (seen above)

Appropriate Age: 7-12

About the Author:

Kelly Milner Halls currently resides in Spokane, Washington. Her career started in the newspaper field. She transitioned from this to magazine work and then to writing children's books. Halls always loved the strange and weird when she was a child, thus she seeks out the unusual and unique subject matter to write about. Her years in magazine work reflect on the pages of her books with their interactive cut outs and vivid, photojournalistic pictures.

About the Book:

Albino Animals brings to life the evidence of Albino Animals within various species of animals. Did you know that the Albino gene resides within each species? Well it does! Beautiful animals and even people come to life on the pages of this fabulous book. Plus, each species comes with their own stories. It is a riveting book that kids will be bound to spend hours looking at in awe of the photos.

Why Little Aristotles Library Loves It:

The book encourages kids who may be reluctant readers to find a niche they never knew existed. Just because your reader doesn't enjoy conventional reading, doesn't mean they can't find anything! Albino Animals is fun for even adults to look at and learn about.

Other Books You Might Like...

Kelly Milner Halls has several books published with equally as unique subject matter and images. Some of her other popular books include, "Tales of Cryptids," "Dinsoaur Parade," "Dinosaur Mummies," "Wild Dogs," "Mysteries of Mummy Kids," and many others. Her books can be found at many local libraries and bookstores!

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