Friday, January 23, 2009

The Rainbow Fish

Author: Marcus Pfister

Appropriate Age: 3-7

About the Author:

Pfister is a Swiss author that has been writing and illustrating books since the early 1980s. While known for his illustrious illustrations, his children's books have become equally as famous. He uses special forms of watercolor over watercolor to give his pictures a dream-like state with happy, cheerful colors that blend together.

About the Book:

Children are introdcued to the book when the meet a beautiful, shining Rainbow Fish. However, this beautiful fish is not only vain, but selfish and proud. He clings to his scales because he feels they make him better than the other fish. When refusing to share his glittering gifts, the other fish refuse to speak to him. However, after some kind advice from a wise old octopus, Rainbow Fish decides to give away his scales. This results with new found friends and happiness. This beloved book has been on best selling children's book lists since 1992.

Why Little Aristotle's Library Loves It:

This book is a wonderful lesson in sharing. Upon completion of the story, parents and teachers can have the discussion about what it means to share and truly be a friend. They can ask why Rainbow Fish's scales didn't make him different, but his kindness did. The book was so wildly popular among children it was turned into a 26 episode television series.

"I love this book! I've always been infatuated with fish, I even have one as a pet! This book taught me a lot. I remember my mom telling me that I should share my gifts, just like the rainbowfish does." --James K. (A Little Library Supporter)

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Pfister has published many other, lesser known books. All are for children who love to read. You can find "Wake Up, Santa Clause!" "Sun and Moon," "Hopper," "Dazzle the Dinosaur" and many others at your local library or bookstore.

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