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A Tribute to Banned Books: Chris Crutcher

Author: Chris Crutcher

Appropriate Age: ***While these books are wonderful, there is some language to them. For parents who would truly like to gage if a book is appropriate for their child, the best way to find out is to read it yourself. Mr. Crutcher's novels have wonderful messages in them, but they must be read to be understood.***

About the Author:

Chris Crutcher never thought he would be a writer. He started his career working with children and others in therapy and counseling. Many of his stories are inspired by real life situations he saw as reoccuring problems. His stories are very real in this way. Nearly all of Crutcher's works have been considered controversial. Many have been banned and are possibly not found within your local library. He speaks out to the population that many writers will not call to. He stands up for the groups of children and middle schoolers who feel they are in the minority, like there is something wrong with them. To them, as well as many others, he gives inspiration and hope.

About Banning and Why Little Aristotle's Library Hates It:

Book banning is a serious problem in America. It takes just one voice to say they disagree with a book or dont like what it teaches and it can be taken from library shelves. However, when a child is faced with an issue, they seek mediums and look for others who have experienced the same problems. In this way, Crutcher's stories about rape, teen pregnancy, mental handicaps, and many other problems teens face are ones that real teens can use to solve their own problems.

While not everyone is going to have the same taste in novels, it is diversity that is the spice of life. Plus, many of the general favorites and classics have been removed from shelves. Books like Black Beauty, Huck Finn, The Giver, Maniac Magee, and many others that have even been added to Little Aristotle's Library. Fighting to keep books will help keep young readers reading.

If you really want to make sure what your child is read is appropriate, the best way is to read a book yourself. But remember, what you might like may be dull as mud to your student or child. Keep in mind that their likes and dislikes are very different than yours. Keep it interesting, keep it fun, but don't keep it narrow minded or closed from reality. Books are a way of learning and expressing oneself in a safe way. Keep your child reading!

Other Books You Might Like...

Crutcher's award winning books include, "Running Loose," "The Crazy Horse Electric Game," "Chinese Handcuffs," "Iron Man," "Whale Talk," "The Sledding Hill," "Running Shorts," "Deadline," and more coming soon.

Mr. Crutcher is featured below.

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